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About Us

AllSign is a dynamic, innovative company, has been supplying oversea customers with a wide variety of printing materials and equipments and portable display stands.

Our product can be divided into following categories:
(1) Indoor Inkjet Printer and Consumables;
(2) Large Format Printer and Consumables;
(3) Cutting Plotter and Consumables;
(4) Engraving Machine and Consumables;
(5) Laminator and Consumables;
(6) Spare parts and ink for digital printers;
(7) Portable Display Stands.

Company Website: http://www.AllSign.com.cn
Inkjet Printer Site: http://www.ChinaPrinter.com.cn
Pritner Parts Site: http://Parts.ChinaPrinter.com.cn
Display stands Site: http://www.SignMaker.cn

We make sure our company values are as high as the standards of our products. Our reliability, quality and efficiency and win-win commitment to total customer value, is the reason people creating wonderful relationships of mutual growth.With the aim to provide privilege of good quality, excellent service and competitive price to customers, detailed product information is available and welcome to contact us for any enquiries.