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All Products Show >>Advertising Light Box

Mode A Ultrathin Light Box

Mode A Ultrathin Light Box
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Detail Specifications of Mode A Ultrathin Light Box

Extremely thin,thickness is 2cm;

Convenient for installation and carry;

With particular plastic angle,safety and application;

Conducting panel in good quality,bright and symmetrical;

Aluminum frame;

Energy saving;



Item# Model# Light box size (mm) Graphic size(mm) Viewing size (mm) Thickness(cm) Power(w) Power supply Note
1 A12W50 500×350 450×290 430×280 2 12W×2 ACl80-230V Plastic angle
2 A20W60 600×420 550×370 530×350 2 20W×2 ACl80—230V Plastic angle
3 A22W80 800×600 750×550 730×530 2 22W×2 ACl80—230V Plastic angle
4 A24W93 930×650 880×600 860×580 2 24W×2 ACl80—230V Plastic angle





















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