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Cold Lamination Film

Cold Lamination Film
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Detail Specifications of Cold Lamination Film

1. Clear cold lamination film is an everyday film that will adhere to most ink lay downs.
2. Clear is advertisement surface material which is a popular with schools and shops because it works great on a variety of substances.
3. Clear gives your document a glass-like appearance.
4. Temperature range -4º C; -80º C.
5. Clear adhesive use hot solvent-Nano technology to work. Which can last for more than three years.
6. Base material is made of Japanese Silicon liquid, which is smooth and easy to break from the film.
7. Clear film is made of super pure PVC, which is high transparent and tensile strength.
8. Clear involves three types: Glossy, matte and dull. Three Sizes: 0.914mx50y, 0.27mx50y, or 1.52mx50y Three unit weight: 100g, 120g, or 150g. 

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