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Sign Board And Advertisement Acp

Sign Board And Advertisement Acp
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Detail Specifications of Sign Board And Advertisement Acp





Structure and material of advertisement signboard ACP??

advertisement signboard ACP

Aluminum skin thickness: 0.30mm or 0.20mm
Core material: low density non-toxic polyethylene.
Coating: 1??high grade ultraviolet-resistant Polyester coating. 2??glossy anti-weathering FEVE coating.

Thickness (2, 3, 4, 6mm)
Width (1000, 1250, 1500, 1550mm)
Length (2000mm, 2500mm,3200mm, 4050mm)
Other size and color can be made according to the customers' requirement.

Standard color:

advertisement signboard ACP

Features of advertisement signboard ACP:
1)Signboard ACP can be directly applied for silk screen or digital printing, spray-print, and instant stick, meanwhile, it is also easy to be cut, punched, it had great feasibility on processing, easy to be fixed to all cladding, including all shapes, angles, curves, radius, bending, joint, connection, etc. It can be finished by normal machines for metal and wood;
2)Redfir also can provide the customers with small quantity of the advertisement signboard, even though they need special colors
3)Redfir has width of 1000mm to1570mm, the length is available on the clients' requirement;
4)Redfir painting performance is according to ECCA standards, 5 years guarantee on Polyester coating, 10 years on FEVE coating, it is processed by UV ray and high temperature baking, so it is more rigid and good properties in rub-resistance;
5)The panel thickness available: 2mm\3mm\4mm\6mm;
6)Signboard ACP can be directly make screen painting on its surface and light weight but surprised rigidity, it is the best choice for the outdoor advertisement;
7)Signboard ACP can be bent or curved by normal roller or bending machines, and also could be customized as your requirement ;

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