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Self-luminous Vinyl-Flexible Vinyl Unperforated

Self-luminous Vinyl-Flexible Vinyl Unperforated
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Detail Specifications of Self-luminous Vinyl-Flexible Vinyl Unperforated

Self illuminative film is a kind of light rechargeable PVC film designed for advertisement at night or place where is extremely dim. The film is an entirely new scientific and technical achievement in the line of printing media. Thanks for it's self illumination property, light recharging ability, and ink receptivity, it can prolong advertising and displaying period by 8 more hours. Exposed in sunlight, the film can restore and recharge the light till night. Technically this film will remain luminous over 8 hours after recharge process. (at least 2 hours). Graphics printed on it can attract most attentions by such a unique and flattering shinning effect..

Self illuminative film is quite different from reflective sheet. Reflective sheet usually requires artificial light resource such as vehicle headlights and lamps and are generally used for warning signage. Comparing with reflective sheet, self illuminative film has wider applications and purposes. It is an ideal printing media to be applied on building curtains, glass windows, vehicles and banners.


Self-luminous Vinyl-Flexible Vinyl Unperforated


Self illuminative vinyl (perforated or not perforated)

Black coating



1.Prolong advertisement or displaying time

2.Energy saving and easy application.

2.Eye-catching effect

3.UV resistant

4.Less environment impact

5.Excellent ink receptivity and image expressiveness


FIP series are perforated window films made of self illuminative vinyl to create an one way vision (see through) and self luminous function.This film is specially used for building wrapping, vehicle and shop windows.

FIV series are designed for banners and posters.

Exterior Mount Product Specifications Product Code: MPM1514

7-mil monomeric PVC with clear removable acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive and a solid release liner.


Vehicle wrapping, banner, glass windows.


Self illuminative PVC film laminate with clear pressure-sensitive adhesive coating and a solid PE coated liner.

Vinyl Thickness (incl. Adhesive)

7 mils (.007 in./182 microns). approx.

Release Liner Thickness&weight

6.7 mils(.067 in./170 microns). 140g/sqm approx.

Adhesive Thickness

0.75 mil (.00075 in./19 microns). approx.

Luminescent time

6-8 hours after recharge

Standard Widths/Lengths

Widths:36 & 50 & 54 & 60 in ( 98 & 127 & 137 & 152 cm) Lengths:30m &50m&100m. Custom sizes available by special order.

Dimensional Stability


Minimum Application Temperature

40 oF (4 oC)

Service Temperature Range

0 oF to 140 oF (-17 oC to 60 oC)

Expected Lifetime Exterior

1 to 2 years. 6 months for clean removal. Adhesion may increase with time.

Water Resistance

Fair. Immersion in water or water application not recommended. If exposed to rain, the use of an optically clear, compatible overlanimate is recommmended to protect the film.

Humidity Resistance


Solvent Resistance


Storage Stability

1-year shelf life when stored at 70 oF (21 oC) and 50 % relative humidity

Colors Available

Yellowish and green on print side and black on adhesive side.


Use standard vinyl inks. Print image on white (non-adhesive) side. Compatible with screen printing: inkjet printing using solvent, eco-solvent, mild solvent and UV-curable inks; thermal transfer and screen printing.


Apply to clean, dry surface. Use mild soap and water, rinse and dry glass well. Do NOT use ammonia or other solvent-based glass cleaner prior to application.


Remove by peeling vertically from surface. Remove any adhesive residue on older installations, if necessary.

Compatible printers and inks


All solvent and eco-solvent inkjet printers.


Solvent, eco-solvent, mild solvent and UV-curable inks.

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