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Printable Reflective Flex Banner

Printable Reflective Flex Banner
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Detail Specifications of Printable Reflective Flex Banner

1) High Retro-Reflectivity
High reflective index of approx 300COL allows single source illumination ,excellent for billboards and signage.Ambient city lighting causes a flashing effect on signage attracting immediate attention.
2) Properties
A fluorescent illumination effect not available with regular reflective material.
3) Even Transparency
The ltranslucent properties (25%-35% of light to pass through) allows even distribution of llight,suitable for both indoor and outdoorapplications.
4) Color Fastness
Perfums to UV8 color fastness levels with less than 10% yearly fading rate.Allowing for excellent performance in light box applications.
4) Ink Absorption
Good performing ink absorption and drying properties,which creats bright realistic colors on the printed surface.
5) UV Protection
An outer protective UV barrier extends product life and reduces fading of colors.
6) Waterproofing
Performs to a Class A water proof standards.
7) Durability
Effective performance life in general application is rated for 24 months in outdoor application.
8) Flexibility
Cab be bent and stretched without damage or deformation.
9) Tiling Compatiblity
For large format advertising , supports various forms of joining methods.
10) Printablity
Can be printed by multiple methods of inkjet, silkscreen, and pad printing.


The economic solution for a wide variety of applications for the signage industry.flash-and-shining effects at night

220*500D 2.25*50m / 2.7*50m

Printable reflective flex banner is suitable to be used in all kinds of outdoor advertising applications such as highway billboard, show flat signage on transportation vehicles, yard sign and so on, due to its unique

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