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All Products Show >>Tri-Vision Display

Indoor Tri-Vision Frame SMF-50-9H/7L

Indoor Tri-Vision Frame SMF-50-9H/7L
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Detail Specifications of Indoor Tri-Vision Frame SMF-50-9H/7L

A Tri-Vision display is a sign that displays 3-messages in the space of just one.  Our sign has three (TRI) sides for you to view (VISION).  We utilize turning triangles to achieve this look.  You just add your creative copy to our 3-message display and you can be sure to catch the eye of your customer more than once!

The secret is motion.  Any kind of motion will catch someone's attention naturally.  When you apply motion to your creative images, your message is sure to get noticed!  After all, isn't that what you want?


We have the following models available:


Model: TVF50-9H:

Frame Size (cm): 74(L) x 99 (H) x 7(D)

Picture Size (cm): 45(L) x 72 (H)



Frame Size (cm): 94(L) x 64(H) x 7(D)

Picture Size (cm): 66(L) x 35 (H)



Prism Width: 48 mm

Power Supplying: AC 110V/220V/50Hz/60Hz

Power Consumption: 6w

Turning Type: Synchronization

Turning Time: 4 second

Picture Pause Time: 2 second ~ 30 second (adjustable)

Package: Non-wooden hard package

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