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All Products Show >>Tri-Vision Display

Outdoor Tri-vision Billboard

Outdoor Tri-vision Billboard
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Detail Specifications of Outdoor Tri-vision Billboard

Three Message Display

1. Primary Material: Environmental aluminum alloy of special quality

2. Driving: double-gear steps driving system

3. Specification of external frame:145mm (width) * 160mm (thickness)

4. Width of triangle prism:131mm

5. Weight: 20kg/square meter

6. Image combination: triangular prism 8m without joint and no length limit

7. Image flipping time: each face 6-12 seconds (preset )

8. Controlling system: Siemens LOGO

9. Image stop time: freely set from 0-900 seconds

10. Power supply: voltage 220v, current 0.54A, frequency 50HZ, power 90W

11. Motor: 90W original Panasonic motor

12. Wind resistance: 10 class

13. Operation service life: qualified installation will ensure normal service life up to 10 years based on 16 hours each day

14. Flipping performance (only one type can be set ex works based on customers' requirement)

A. Simultaneous

B. Wave type

C. Curtain opening type

D. Curtain closing type

E. Flipping step by step

F. Flipping from part to part

15. Available for T pattern pole, upper building ads, outside building ads, intersection.

* We reserve the right to change the specification and design any-
time without informing in advance.



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